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Lockdown Hairstyling

By Gail Gardner / June 10, 2020 / 0 Comments

I am still managing to keep my hand in during lockdown, as my lovely daughter has been very kind and given me more of her time for me to try out a few more hairstyles. Here are a few more to keep us going until restrictions are lifted, which hopefully, won’t be too long now.

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Wedding Hair during Lockdown!

By Gail Gardner / April 20, 2020 / 0 Comments

I must admit, I am having huge withdrawal symptoms of styling my brides hair and makeup. I have managed to persuade my daughter to give me some of her time during lockdown to play with her hair. Here are a few hairstyles we have created over the last couple of weeks. Thinking of all my lovely brides and grooms who were supposed to be getting married this week at Leez Priory and Blake Hall in Ongar, Essex. Maybe open a bottle of champagne and make a toast to each other and of the good times ahead. Thinking of you all.

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Weddings Postponed 2020 due to Corona Virus 19.

By Gail Gardner / April 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

It has been so upsetting to read all the sad emails from all my lovely brides and grooms having to postpone their 2020 weddings. Some of my brides were due to marry the week following lockdown. This has been such a difficult time for them all. Each week I am still receiving emails from brides holding off postponing their weddings, in the hope that the lockdown restrictions are lifted but it is looking more like we will have to wait a few weeks longer.

So far I have been able to cover most new dates for my brides and grooms with the exception of one or two. I am continuing to work from home, styling my daughters hair and makeup, doing different styles and just keeping my hand in so I am fired up and ready to go as soon as we get the thumbs up. We are all in this together. Take care everyone and stay safe, looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Gosfield Hall Wedding Venue

By Gail Gardner / February 23, 2020 / 0 Comments

I have been styling brides at Gosfield Hall for so many years, doing their hair and makeup and catering for the bridal party too. We usually start off in the Ladys Chambers, which is a stunning little cottage attached the Gosfield Hall, and then mid morning, we move over into the stunning Rococo Room where we do the finishing touches, touching up the lipstick and doing the final touches to the hair. Everything is timed to perfection to ensure the bride can relax all morning without the worry of running out of time. I always make sure the bride has enough time to raise a glass of champagne with her bridal party, before the Registrars enter the room. Its always a busy morning with the bridesmaids keeping the bride happy, florists arriving, photographers snapping away and the cake being prepared downstairs. Also, with family arriving early and popping up to say hello to the bride. Its always a morning to remember. Yesterday I did the makeup for the bride and the bridal party. I only managed to take a photo of one of the bridesmaids but will be posting the professional photos here once the photographer has them ready (EPS Photography).

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Channels Estate – Wedding Day

By Gail Gardner / February 23, 2020 / 0 Comments

I had the pleasure of styling beautiful Janes hair for her wedding day at this wonderful wedding venue. I also styled her mothers hair and her bridal party too. It was such a wonderful relaxed morning but I think that was mostly down to the fact that Jane was very calm and she had lots of support from her wonderful bridesmaids. The makeup artist on the day was Elaine Marie from who ensured they all looked fabulous. The bridesmaids all chose their own hairstyle so I enjoyed making their vision a reality.

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The English Wedding Blog

By Gail Gardner / February 4, 2020 / 0 Comments

I was so pleased to see my bride Francesca, and also all my hard work, featured in the acclaimed English Wedding Blog this week. Francescas wedding was just perfect and she made all the right choices with her suppliers too. The wedding took place at Mulberry House in Ongar. Take a look…….

The English Wedding Blog…….

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A wedding at Mulberry House in Ongar, a Beautiful Bride, a Brass Band and a Phenomenal Photographer.

By Gail Gardner / December 15, 2019 / 0 Comments

I had the absolute pleasure of working at the wonderful Mulberry House in Ongar recently, one of my favourite venues!

I’m sure Everyone loves a wedding, especially when it comes to the very first glimpse of the beautiful bride. Being a hair and makeup artist specialising in Wedding Hair and Makeup, I get to see brides on their wedding morning all year round.

I am always so privileged to be a part of the brides wedding morning and play such a big role in ensuring she looks her very best. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing everything come together. From the moment the bride and bridesmaids put on their dresses to when the flowers arrive and also seeing the tears fill the brides eyes when she first sets eyes on her family.


All these moments are so special and photographer Scott Miller from Boutique Wedding Films captured them all. Scott is one of my favourite photographers and I am always thrilled when I learn he is the photographer on the day. He completely captures the wedding day to the point I feel like I have been one of the guests. Here are some of his wonderful photos from Francescas wedding. Scott just fits in around your wedding day. Very much in the background but quietly capturing all the magic.

Mulberry House

Mulberry House in Ongar is such a beautiful wedding venue. I think it is the most perfect wedding venue….A Country House, all yours for the day.

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A wonderful wedding at The Globe Theatre

By Gail Gardner / December 14, 2019 / 0 Comments

This is beautiful Nicola who had the most amazing wedding day. I styled Nicola, her mum and her bridesmaid at her home.

I styled Nicolas hair using hair extensions to add length and volume. We stayed with earthy colours for her makeup. Her dress was absolutely stunning, Nicola looked absolutely perfect. Nicola and her fiancé exchanged their vows at Langtons in Hornchurch, then everyone climbed a double decker bus which took the newly married bride and groom and all their wedding guests to dine at the Globe Theatre in London. It sounded absolutely wonderful.

Double Decker Bus

Nicola and her fiancé exchanged their vows at Langtons in Hornchurch, then everyone climbed a double decker bus which took the newly married bride and groom and all their wedding guests to dine at the Globe Theatre in London. It sounded absolutely wonderful.

All the guests had a glass of prosecco and a slice of quiche to enjoy on their journey. Congratulations Nicola and thank you for letting me be a part of your fabulous morning. Here are some photos taken by the fantastic Gary Derbridge . When I saw Nicolas photographs I knew she had chosen a very talented photographer. Here are some of the photos from her fabulous day.

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A wonderful summer garden wedding….

By Gail Gardner / November 3, 2019 / 0 Comments

Here are the beautiful professional photos from Alex Reeds wedding. Her amazing photographer, Sally Forder from caught the day just perfectly!

I feel I was at the wedding myself just by looking at these fantastic images. The florist, Kate from www.tangle& created the most wonderful bouquet for her bride (also her daughter!!) and the bridesmaids and the wonderful arrangements in the Marquee too.

I hope you enjoy looking through Alex’s wedding day. This was all taking place in leafy Good Easter in Chelmsford.

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Beautiful Alex who married at High Easter Church

By Gail Gardner / October 12, 2019 / 0 Comments

I had an a fantastic morning with bride Alex on her wedding day and loved carrying out her hair and makeup for her on such a special day. Alex married at the stunning High Easter church in Chelmsford, Essex.

Alex is so vivacious, beautiful and so giving. She spent her morning getting ready at her parents home, which is actually a rarity these days.

It was so calm, fun and very busy. Alex had a few bridesmaids, (her two beautiful sisters and some of her friends who have been on lifes wonderful journey with her). The wedding morning entailed lots of bridesmaids walking in and out, beautiful little dogs racing around with pink bows tied around their necks.

Florist – Tangle & Thyme

Alexs’ mum, Kate, is a florist and wow, she created the most beautiful wedding bouquet for her daughter. A very talented florist, you really must check Kates website out, TangleandThyme. She is amazing!!

The Wedding Cake

I also think you should also check out the cake – The Hazlebury kitchen.

The Photographer

The photographer on the day was Sally Forder, who is Assistant to Binky Nixon, again, check Sally out. What a fabulous lady, great fun to be around too, super talented. Now for some of the beautiful images of her wonderful wedding day.

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A Last Minute Wedding

By Gail Gardner / October 12, 2019 / 0 Comments

This week I met lovely Sarah Buckingham, who married at the wonderful Leez Priory.

Sarah booked me quite last minute so we did not get a chance to meet up for a trial beforehand. Sarah had such wonderful friends and family in her bridal party, they were such good fun.

I had makeup artist Elaine Marie assist me, so the makeup, as usual, was just outstanding.

Here are some of the images I took of the beautiful bride and bridal party.

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A Wonderful Leez Priory – Wedding

By Gail Gardner / October 12, 2019 / 0 Comments

This is lovely Emma who married at Leez Priory last week. Here are some before and after photos.

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A wonderful Mulberry House wedding, with an Eastenders touch

By Gail Gardner / October 9, 2019 / 0 Comments

I had the great pleasure of styling Tilly Keepers hair, at Francescas wedding. Tilly is an actress in Eastenders.


Tilly had lots of fine hair and was certain that her hair would not hold the curls. Tilly did not know my magic tricks and potions! I was thrilled to receive a message from Tilly a few days later saying she absolutely loved her hair and that the curls lasted three days.

Tillys makeup was carried out by the wonderful Gemma Peace and the photographer for the day was one of my favourites…..Scott from Boutique Wedding Films . I recommend you definitely check him out before you secure your photographer.

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Mulberry House Wedding Venue

By Gail Gardner / October 9, 2019 / 0 Comments

I had the great pleasure of styling beautiful Francescas’ hair for her wedding day this week at Mulberry House.

She has naturally beautiful curly hair but wanted the curls more defined.

Here are some before and after photos of Francesca on her wedding morning.

Below are some other images of Francesca at her wedding trial. When the trial was complete, she was really happy, the curls were tight and defined and she looked so beautiful with the wedding crown in her hair, which she really wanted to wear on her wedding day. Straight after the trial, Francesca had arranged to have her dress fitting. Once she had put on her dress, she could see immediately that the curls were too tight and the flower crown did not go with her dress.

On her wedding day we went for a much softer looser curl (above) and she wore a stunning simple hair accessory which complimented her hair and her dress.

I have to do a few shout outs here to Francescas amazing makeup artist. Her name is Gemma Peace and did a fabulous job styling everyone. Also, the flowers, they were unbelievable! Look at these! The entire venue looked this fantastic. These are created by Starry Eyed Weddings they really are something else! Just take a look at their website. Such a wonderful wedding and stunning wedding venue.

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With my husband and daughter on the night of the awards.
With my husband and daughter on the night of the awards.

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Trained in Hairstyling at Wella Hair Studios in London, alongside the world acclaimed Patrick Cameron.
Trained at Wella Hair Studios in London.

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I trained as a Makeup Artist in London alongside some of the industries most famous makeup artists. You will often find me at Masterclasses, keeping up to date with the latest trends.  My aim is for my brides to looked absolutely stunning on their wedding day and that they enjoy receiving endless compliments about their hair and makeup all day long.

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