Mary Green Manor, Leez Priory, Hylands House, Pontlands Park, Ingatestone Hall and Greenwoods.

September 27, 2012

Wow, I have been busy! I have met so many beautiful brides, one had 6 wedding dresses! She just could not choose so she wore two of them on her big day! Congratulations to Emma Hatchard, who married at Hylands House, Zoe Walters who married at Mary Green Manor, Amy Hines who married at Greenwoods, Daniella Pampanella who married at Leez Priory and Liz Petchey who married at Ingatestone Hall and Hannah Goss who married at Pontlands Park! All these wedding photos will be uploaded soon. All such beautiful brides. I have been busy with trials for autumn weddings, and will be with Jacqui who will be getting married on Saturday at Newland Hall. I am becoming very busy for early 2013, March and April are looking particularly busy next year so if you are planning on getting married that month, please make sure you book your hair and makeup artist promptly along with your photographers etc. Don’t leave it too late as you could be disappointed. I am attaching a photo of my recent bride, Katie, who married at the Fennes. Gail xx

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Vintage Hair – Leez Priory

August 22, 2012

Another week of trials and weddings. Today I worked at Leez Priory in Chelmsford, with a bride I had not met before. She had a beautiful Ian Stuart dress so we opted for a vintage hairstyle. Her hair was a magic auburn colour. She looked so beautiful, I will upload some professional photos in a couple of days. Keep an eye on my fb page. This is a photo of her hair, for now. I am working at Greenwoods on Saturday with a lovely bride, Amy Hines. Will update you later with photos this week.

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Beautiful Brides – Leez Priory, The Fennes Estate and Reid Rooms

August 6, 2012

On Saturday I worked with Caroline Jennings who looked so beautiful. Today I worked with a lovely bride called Katie Barker, again, another stunning bride and tomorrow Im at The Reid Rooms for Roma Buckler. Hope to post some professional photos of all these beautiful girls soon.

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Weddings and Trials

July 30, 2012

I have had a busy few days preparing some lovely brides for their wedding day and some lovely brides to be too. Congratulations to Helen who married at Chelmsford Cathedral last weekend and to Cathy who married last Monday at Chelmsford Registry Office and also to Karen who married at Leez Priory on Friday and the lovely Gina who married at Braintree Registry Office on Saturday. Also, i met with two lovely brides to be, Hannah and Rebecca. Hannah is having a special wedding theme called ‘under the sea’ and has opted for a mermaid hairstyle and Rebecca is still trying to choose between the updo and half up hairstyle that we tried out today. Both styles were so beautiful. I told her i would post these on my facebook page and see which photos received the most views….that may help her decide! I have another busy week with trials and three weddings this weekend so good luck to Caroline Jennings, Katie Barker and Roma who are getting married at Leez Priory, The Fennes and The Reid Rooms. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Gail x

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Essex Wedding Hair and Makeup

July 8, 2012

I have had a busy few weeks carrying out some lovely trials and weddings throughout Chelmsford in Essex.  I have brides getting married at The Reid Rooms, Leez Priory, Greenwoods, Stock Brook Manor, The Fennes Estate, Ingatestone Hall, Hylands House, all in July.  Brides are asking for some beautiful romantic hairstyles, some vintage and others very bohemian.  Most of my brides have been lucky with the weather, with the sun coming out just in time for the ceremony, so lets hope for sunshine for all brides getting married in these next few months.

I am uploading a few photos of brides that have just got married and also some recent trials.







































I am going to make some recommendations to all you brides that have not got round to the finer detailed parts of your wedding.  Firstly, the wedding card you give to your fiance on the morning of your wedding, via the best man.  This lady creates the most personal cards.  She is so cheap, she only charges £5 for an A4 or £4 for an A5.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  If your husband likes golf or if you have a private joke between you or anything, she will incorporate it into the card and also you choose the wording.  I am uploading one of her cards here.  I only discovered her by seeing one of her cards at someones house but since, I have now used her to make all my childrens birthday cards.  She does everything from invites etc but I have only seen her cards. Her name is NORMA and her mobile number is 07885437175.  Good Luck.   I also will be making some recommendations for a lady who does wonderful crafts for the children on wedding days, she is amazing and reasonable and become quite popular as she really knows how to keep little ones entertained.  Watch out for  more info.  Gail x


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Crondon Park, Chelmsford

June 11, 2012

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This is Clare Church, a young bride that was married last month at Crondon Park.  She had lots of lovely hair but we incorporated a set of extensions to give a little more volume.  She looked beautiful.

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Crondon Park, Leez Priory Weddings

May 27, 2012

I have been busy at Crondon Park and Leez Priory this week.  I will update this page soon with some lovely photos but for now here is Claire Askews hairstyle, she was married at Crondon Park on Thursday.

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Brides at Leez, Gosfield Hall, Crabbs Barn, Prested Hall, Braxted Park…

May 21, 2012

I have had a very busy few weeks carrying out trials for brides to be and brides.  Here are just a few photos.  Some of these brides are due to be married soon.  Gail xx


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Beautiful Brides and Bridesmaids

April 13, 2012

Just a few photos of recent trials and weddings that I have recently carried out.

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Recent Brides – Leez Priory and Gosfield Hall

February 16, 2012

Thank you Ben from Lavenham Photographic for forwarding me this lovely picture of my recent bride Karen French who married recently at Leez Priory.












Here are more photos of a lovely bride, Sheherazade, taken at Gosfield Hall recently.  I loved working with Sheherazades hair.  I carried out the hair for the Bride and Bridesmaids.  I hope you like the photos.

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Recent Brides at Leez Priory and Gosfield Hall

February 16, 2012

Thank you to Cheryl Johnson from Feel Good Photos for taking such beautiful photos of one of my recent brides.  Cheryl has a lovely website and is very talented, you can view her website here:  Her name is on the attached photos.  This bride is Terianne who met her husband on the train on the way home from work.  They were married within seven months.  True Love at First Sight.  I loved working with Teriannes beautiful auburn hair.  She was so happy with her hairstyle that she decided not to wear her veil on her wedding day at all.  I hope you like the photos.

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Freezing conditions and Wonderful Weddings at Leez Priory

February 13, 2012

Its been another interesting weekend with the freezing wedding conditions.  I met with a lovely bride called Sarah on Friday along with her mother and sister and bridesmaids.  Sarah had the most beautiful dress, it was such good fun everyone helping her into it with her mum and sister lacing her up.  On Sunday I met with a lovely lady called Anna.   Unfortunately due to the -15 freezing conditions at Leez Priory, the cottage where the bride gets ready, had no hot water or heating so Anna could not get ready there.  Anna had to get ready at a lovely farm house a few miles away.  Anna was so calm and relaxed considering she still had to get to the venue in time for her ceremony.  I had to take Anna to the venue in my car, in her dressing gown!   I’m sure she will look back and smile at the memory!

Today I met with another lovely bride to be called Vicky.  Vicky had such a beautiful hair comb which has been made to go with her beautiful wedding dress.  Vicky opted for a beautiful weaved style and a very natural radiant makeup.  Please see my photos below of Leez Priory, taken by Peter Kelk, who was the photographer at Davina’s wedding on Sunday 5th Feb.  Also below after photos of Vickys hair, from the trial we did today.  Gail x




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Leez Priory and Gosfield Hall

February 6, 2012

A busy weekend with 4 weddings at Leez Priory and Gosfield Hall.  I met with the lovely Emma on Friday at Leez Priory.  Emma had a 12.30 wedding and her two young boys were page boys.  Emma was amazingly calm and very serene.  On Saturday I met with Jenni who had been with her fiance for 16 years and they had three children, all of which were page boys and bridesmaids.  Jenni was married at Leez Priory at 12.00 midday, an early wedding.  Jenni had quite a large bridal party with her friends as bridesmaids so I had to start working with them all at the cottage from 7am.  It was a lovely morning, lots of girls making tea and fussing around the bride.  I then had to head to Gosfield Hall for my friends wedding.  I did all the hair then had 15 minutes left to make myself look presentable.  I ended up at the ceremony with wet hair but at least the bridal party looked beautiful.

Yesterday I had another wedding at Leez Priory.  After our snowfall I had to leave extra early to make sure I was not late for the bride.  It was a long and slippery journey and found my car could not make it up the hill that lead to Leez Priory.  I noticed ahead two other cars also could not make it up the hill.  I started to worry that the bride would wonder where I was, until I noticed that the car in the front was the Bride!!  Davina was out shovelling the snow from under her wheels.  Before we knew it there was a whole long line of cars all heading from Leez Priory, the staff, the florist, the bride and myself.  I think Davina wishes she stayed at the Cottage the night before.  Help eventually came and Davina was ready in time.  She was such a beautiful bride and she said that she did not mind if her guests could not make it, all she needed was her fiance there.  I thought that was a really lovely thing to say.  Here are some photos of my lovely weekend with the brides.  Gail xx

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Leez Priory, Gosfield Hall and Newland Hall

January 22, 2012

I have spent a busy few days getting brides ready at the above beautiful venues all week.  Yesterdays bride was very lucky at Gosfield Hall, there was no sign of rain, just warm winds and sunshine, in January too!!   I have a week full of trials and weddings ahead so I am looking forward to meeting you all.  Its appearing to be a year of weddings this year, I am receiving up to 5 enquiries per wedding date so I cannot express enough how important it is to book your hair and makeup artist as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Lets just hope this little bit of sunshine we are receiving continues and keeps the snow away!  Happy planning everyone.  Gail x

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Welcome to my Blog. I'm a multi award winning Professional Hair and Makeup Artist working with Brides all over Essex and London. I have been working in the wedding industry for 20 years.  I have also recently won Wedding Hairstylist of the Year for the third time and the most recent Award I received was for Bridal Hairstylist of the Year.

With my husband and daughter on the night of the awards.
With my husband and daughter on the night of the awards.

Wedding Hair

I trained at Wella Hair Studios in London, alongside the world acclaimed Patrick Cameron.  He gave me the confidence to explore and experiment with hair and that is exactly what I like to do, ensuring you have the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.   I love working with hair and creating the impossible.

Trained in Hairstyling at Wella Hair Studios in London, alongside the world acclaimed Patrick Cameron.
Trained at Wella Hair Studios in London.

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I trained as a Makeup Artist in London alongside some of the industries most famous makeup artists. You will often find me at Masterclasses, keeping up to date with the latest trends.  My aim is for my brides to looked absolutely stunning on their wedding day and that they enjoy receiving endless compliments about their hair and makeup all day long.

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